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SportsGearOutdoors aspires to become more than just an online retailer and service provider (though we DO want to do those things for sure). We seek to become a one-stop shop AND resource for outdoors, athletics, activities, recreation, fitness and adventure enthusiasts all over the world. In this week's post, we will take a look at the various forms of climbing and scaling, including hiking.  Great Destinations The world is full of beautiful landscape that begs to be traversed by human beings thirsty for a adventurous challenge. It's all about the passion for exploration, the thrill of danger, pushing the body...

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There's the cool factor and then there's the practical factor. SportsGearOutdoors looks at 6 gadgets in an interesting video from Cool Gadgets & Stuff on YouTube. These sports and outdoors products are trying to kick start their businesses. So are we. Here are 6 sports and outdoors products that are useful and interesting.

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Back to school has come and gone and so have the sales but that doesn't mean that you have to be unprepared for the winter months. Over here in Minnesota, it gets downright frigid. Don't let the cold weather keep you down or from enjoying the great outdoors this fall and winter seasons. SportsGearOutdoors has a wide selection of winter apparel for sale including jackets and coats, socks, boots, shoes, hoodies, parkas, hats, caps, scarves and bottoms.  Athletic Apparel If you are in the market for athletic apparel, head over to the shoes and apparel section of SportsGearOutdoors. In this...

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James Coffee will be available to SportsOutdoorsGear customers online exclusively. The company may also plan to distribute the coffee product in retail stores, starting in its home region of the Northern Midwest United States of America.  James Coffee will offer premium blends and roasts of coffee in both bean and ground format. There are many free trade products available in the James Coffee lineup. No product names have been announced as of yet, but the company plans to have a good working relationship with the site.  Make sure to keep checking back at SportsGearOutdoors.com for more details on releases of...

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  SportsGearOutdoors launched with the mission of providing a large selection of products, services and resources to those in the sports, outdoors, recreation, health and fitness community. We started the company in the Minnesota River Valley community of Saint Peter, near Mankato. The Mankato area is home to several awesome outdoors destinations including Land of Memories Park, Minneopa State Park (where you can see a preserve of buffalo/bison as well as a beautiful waterfall), Sakatah Trail, Red Jacket Trail, Madison Lake resort community, Duck Lake, Lake Emily, Rapidan, Mount Kato ski and snowboard hill, Mankato area BMX track and skate...

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