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6 Great Outdoors Gear Gadgets and Startups

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6 Great Outdoors Gear Gadgets and Startups

popup tent solar powered with usb charging

We are always in search of two types of factors when considering sports and outdoors products for our store. First, there's the interesting or cool factor of the product. Does it capture the imagination of our customer? The second is the products measure of practicality. Does it fit with our brand? Our customers are looking for a variety of useful and cool sports and outdoors products. 

Look for These Sports and Outdoors Goods in the Future

Check out these six great outdoors gear gadgets and startups. These creative entrepreneurs are looking to market their sports and outdoors products to consumers but they are trying to raise the money to do so. They are in a similar position to our website, which we just launched. Enjoy the innovative products that inspire us to do what we do. 

The video was posted by Cool Gadgets & Stuff, a YouTube channel with a variety of feature videos on products, businesses and technology. In other words, they are a gear and gizmo geek channel. Here, they feature six awesome outdoors products we think you'll appreciate. 

1. Thermal Supershelter

The first project is the thermal super shelter. It can be heated from the outside with a campfire and uses materials from Nasa-approved Heatsheets. This is a great survivalist product and the project founder is seeking Kickstarter funds to get it to the masses. 

2. The Kombuis Ultra Portable Outdoor Camping Stove

No fuel is needed with this gadget. Just load some sticks or other organic debris in one end and the device uses natural airflow to keep a fire lit. The lid doubles as a pan and there is an included pot to cook water. All of it fits in a neat tin about the size of a coffee canteen. 

3. The Morsel Spork

Campers and hikers often complain that sporks and other outdoor kitchen and cutlery products don't hold up to practicality. Camping silverware doesn't have to be a cumbersome experience with the Morsel Spork, a plastic and soft rubbery spork that also has a serrated sharp side for cutting and a spoon side that acts like a rubber spat to get every morsel. 

4. Cook Gormet Meals with the Sun

All things solar powered are always an interest. The Solavore Go is a solar oven that promises to cook gormet meals for a couple in a couple hours. 

5. Firefly Swiss Army Knife Accessory: Starting Fires for Dummies

If you have trouble starting fires using the two sticks method, you might need this product. The Firefly is a flint tool that will light combustible shrub, grass or brush to help you start a camp fire. 

6. The Coolest Product in the List

The last product in the video is the coolest. A popup tent that features solar power charging for lights and phone/tablet charging plus the capability to expand the tents endlessly in your own custom configuration definitely meets the cool standard. We can't wait to get our hands on one! These are the camping and hiking tents of the future.