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Food Health and Technology Summit Gather Exceptional Speakers & Food Industry Thought Leaders

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Food Health and Technology Summit Gather Exceptional Speakers & Food Industry Thought Leaders

FoodNiche, Inc.

The Food, Health and Technology summit uniquely creates opportunities for industry stakeholders (thought leaders, scientists, investors, tech entrepreneurs and consumers) to connect and engage in thought-provoking dialogue on changing consumer demands, latest scientific findings and emerging technology shaping the future of food production and consumption. The annual half day event hosted by FoodNiche Inc. has gathered exceptional speakers to share their insights on strategies that will guide innovating a healthier and sustainable future of food.

Featured Speakers

Session: Microbiome and Personalized Nutrition

Liping Zhao PhD – Professor- Rutgers University

His ground breaking work established that fiber-rich diet promotes healthy microbiota which is instrumental in managing or preventing Type 2 diabetes. Liping Zhao will be a keynote speaker at the FHT summit, sharing his insight on his discovery, great opportunities that entrepreneurs and investors should take advantage of.

Dr. Zhao is a Professor and the Eveleigh-Fenton Chair of Applied Microbiology at Rutgers University. For decades he and his team have focused on developing gut microbiota-targeted intervention with the aim of restoring or improving human health. He has authored/co-authored more than 70 scientific publications as well as book chapters. A global thought leader in the area of microbiome and human health, he has given more than 40 keynote addresses, plenary lectures and presentations around the world. Dr. Zhao is an elected fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology. He serves on several scientific journal editorial boards and holds leadership roles in several scientific societies. He is a member of the Nutritional Advisory Board of Barilla Co. and the scientific advisor of the Perfect Co. 

Ranjan Sinha – CEO 3TandAI

Mr. Sinha is the CEO of 3TandAi, a personalized wellness company that is using AI to harness advancements in gut biome, genetics, metabolic markers, Ayurveda and food technology to reverse chronic diseases. He is passionate about “food as medicine” and practiced it successfully to address his life-threatening disorder. Encouraged by doctors and scientist supporters he decided to commercialize his passion. Ranjan has a Master’s degree from The Wharton School and education in engineering and nutrition. He has co-founded and run companies in the areas of large data software, human resources & direct to consumer foods. He is an active blogger and regular speaker at food tech and personalized wellness conferences.

Session: Farm To Fork: Securing the Future of Food

Robin Brumfield, Ph.D

Robin G. Brumfield, Ph.D., is a Professor at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA, and has been the Farm Management Extension Specialist at Rutgers since 1988. She is internationally known for her work in horticultural economics and has given over 200 talks in sixteen countries. Dr. Brumfield has a knack for communicating complex material to practitioners, using tools like workbooks and computerized calculators to help farmers make better management decisions. Her Greenhouse Cost Accounting Program is the standard in the greenhouse industry. She wrote the marketing and business management chapters for the best-selling textbook, Greenhouse Operations and Management by Dr. Paul V. Nelson. Dr. Brumfield was named a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) in 2012; this is the highest honor the society bestows.

Dr. Brumfield has been working with the award winning New Jersey Annie’s Project Team as state co-leader since 2011. Annie’s Project helps women farmers develop farm business management and risk management skills. Robin took the Annie’s Project concept to Antalya, Turkey as her sabbatical project in late 2011 where she co-founded Suzanne’s Project. Since then she has extended the program to Germany, Spain, and Malta through an EU funded project called Empowering Women Farmers with Agricultural Business Management Training. She has also trained small-holder women farmers in Nicaragua and Guyana to better manage their businesses.

Session: Investing & Expediting Innovation

Victor Friedberg – Co-founder S2G Ventures

Mr. Friedberg is the Co-founder S2G Ventures. He is also the CEO and co-founder of FoodShot a knowledge and innovation network that will fund ideas and accelerate businesses that are scalable, collaborative, and create an impact. Through an Annual Challenge focused on one key food and agriculture sector per year, FoodShot will select groundbreaking researchers and companies worth investing with the most promise to rapidly catalyze solutions to the global food system --- Moonshots for Better Food.

Victor is a frequent speaker and newsmaker who pushes the boundaries of expectation and inspiration with his provoking presentation style. As one of the nation's preeminent experts on food, existing production/distribution systems, and financing vehicles shaping new innovations in food and agriculture, 

Julie Lerner – Angel Investor, 37 Angels

Ms. Lerner is an Angel Investor with 37 Angels, specializing in the food and beverage sector. 37 Angels is a group of 80 female Angel Investors that invests in about 10-12 high potential male and female-led early stage startups each year, filtered from 2000. As Founder of the blog, The Failure Report, Julie interviews successful entrepreneurs and investors about what NOT to do to be successful. The goal of the blog is to provide actionable tips on how to avoid missteps for Founders.

Julie is a graduate of Northwestern University, The French Culinary Institute, and Kedge Business School in France. She had a successful career in sales/business development for radio stations in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York and later for the New York State Restaurant Association and wine companies.

She co-authored the book Lerner's Consumer Guide to Health Care, for which she was featured in The New York Times business section as well as a five-part series on NBC's Today Show with Katie Couric. She founded WineTwoThree, a wine newsletter targeting millennial women, and EatDrinkJobs, an employment platform for the hospitality industry. She has also been featured in Business Insider and was a finalist in Women 2.0.

The event is supported by Zico Water and Honest Tea. For Sponsorship and partnership information please mail: marketing@foodhealthandtechnology.com

For detailed event agenda, speaker profile and registration, visit here: https://foodhealthandtechnologysummit.com/